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Thanksgiving Eve Worship:

  • Thanksgiving Eve Worship Wednesday November 27, 2019 at 6:30 pm - followed by Pie Fellowship


Advent Sundays:

  • Sunday December 1st at 9 am - 1st Sunday in Advent

  • Sunday December 8th at 9 am - 2nd Sunday in Advent

  • Sunday December 15th at 9 am - 3rd Sunday in Advent

  • Sunday December 22nd at 9 am - 4th Sunday in Advent


Christmas Eve Service:

  • Tuesday December 24th at 7PM - Christmas Eve Service

On-going Ministries: 

  1. Noise offering: got coins?  Every first Sunday of the month, we receive a noisy offering.  This offering is sent to the ELCA disaster relief fund. 

  2. Ministry outreach: Every second Saturday of the month, we serve lunch at the Institute for Human Services (IHS).  Preparation begins at 9.30 am

  3. Prayer Shawls Ministry occurs every fifth Sunday of the month.

  4. Adult Bible Study takes place every Sunday after the coffee hour

  5. Living Lutheran Study group meets every second Tuesday at 6.30PM at the Pearl City Zippy’s (next to the church)


Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for our own members who are recovering from some health issues. 

  • Pray for those who are grieving

  • Pray for our neighbors

  • Pray for those who are going through various kinds of transitions

  • Pray for people who are feeling lonely in our own neighborhood.



  • We give thanks to God for the successful 32nd Pacifica Synod Assembly.  It was held at the Hope Lutheran Church in Palm Desert.   

  • We continue to give thanks to God for all those mothers and mother-figures who played an important role in our upbringing. 

  • Thank you to all those who help out with serving on Saturday(s) at the Institute for Human Services.


Hawaii Vision Presbyterian Church:  

The council has approved that the Hawaii Vision Presbyterian Church (a Korean speaking congregation) to use our facility for their worship.  They will begin on June 1st. 


Want to share the events and activities of the 2019 Pacifica Synod Assembly with others in your congregation? Download the Assembly 2019 Final Review. (Please be patient, this is a large file.)

Videos of most of the assembly business sessions and speakers may be found on our Synod YouTube channel.


Contact information:

Church Office: (808)455-1138

Pastor JP: (808) 485-7145 or email: jsabbithi@gmail.com 

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